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For over 25 year’s Hip-Hop artists were restricted from performing inside Roy Wilkins Park in Queens, NY (Merrick Blvd & Baisley Blvd). ECIPS Music Festival has come to change the rules on August 20, 2017. Remy Ma & Akon will headline the ECIPS Music Festival, alongside Freddie Jackson, and De La Ghetto with gates opening at 10 AM. ECIPS was built on the concept of, “connecting the cultures,” and representing for the islands are Alkaline, Elephant Man, Denise Belfont, Half Pint, Queen Ifrica, Donyale, Papa Michigan, Kiprich, Genah, Lady G, Teflon, Maddadan, Tinga Stewart, and Mega Banton.

The time has come for an event that focuses on the vast diverse community within the 5 boroughs of New York City, and with countless successful Caribbean events taking place in Roy Wilkins during the last 7 summers, ECIPS Music Festival has set out to deliver an event for the masses. “New York it's been a minute since I've been out there, so let's get it poppin,” said International Superstar Akon on his fan page via Instagram.

During the Media Launch reception on, Aug 3, 2017, at Jewels Caribbean Cafe in Valley Streams, NY, event producers, Suzan Peart, Michael Bailey, and sponsor Everod Vernon of Arise Hospitality, focused on the expectations of ECIPS Music Festival and explained the dynamics of staging such a diverse festival. “I chose to support this festival because of its multicultural and multi-genre appeal. As soon as I was approached to be involved I jumped at it instantly,” said Everod Vernon.


Michael Bailey peaked the media’s interest when he spoke about the layout and transformation that will take place at Roy Wilkins Park. The media learned that Dorcia Grant, owner of Jewels Caribbean Cafe, is responsible for decor and will showcase her ‘out of this world’ ideas. Suzan Peart, told those gathered that “this event is my heart, and we believe in COMMUNITY FIRST!” and all media houses vowed to support this mission. For all things, ECIPS, visit www.ecipsmusicfestival.com or emailevents@ecipsmusicfestival.com



Gully God Mavado ft Serani Concert had a few surprise guests Busta Ryhms, Erup, and Olivia..

Amazura became the Gully side in one night and it was a night to remember. The fans turned out in big numbers to watch Mavado and Serani live in concert and did they get a treat. The event was sponsored by Metro PCS and Hot 97 which a member of the Massive B family Jaba host the event. Serani was the first to touch the stage and did he give a show. Fans got to see the energetic Serani moving across the stage performing and showing off his killer dance moves which had fans going crazy. Since the show was all about Mavado and Serani the unexpected twist had fans tearing the roof off when Erup hit the stage and perform few of his well known hits "click mi finger" and "gal a run dem head". With a surprise like that fans didn't know what else to expect, then Jaba called up Olivia (R&B artiste/Love & Hip Hop star) on stage the crowd went wild, Olivia did her thing and gave a few patois to the crowd to show off her Jamaican culture. The show was more than what the fans expect that when Mavado was call to the stage the sound waves in the club could have brought it down. Mavado gave an amazing performance and showed his love for his fans by jumping down to a lower level of the stage to get closer to them which the fans tried to tear him off the stage security had to hold on to him and guided him along as he perform. The surprise for the night didn't stop there, Busta Ryhms then step on stage with Mavado and the place went insane. This was a show to remember the fans were more than please with the show. We had the oppurtunity to speak with Mavado and ask a few questions about whats next in the pipeline. Since he did not make a Music Video for Delilah he said "yeah but no worries I have a new single call "Solider Girl" that's really hot and I will make a music video for that and its going to be mad". Right now Mavado is working on an album with DJ Khaled and will soon begin a tour but for right now he is focus on doing a couple shows. 2012



Konshens New Album "Mental Maintenance" Available for purchase now

Drom Night Club in Manhattan NYC was not the same on March 5th, Konshens took the city by storm and had fans wanting for more. We had a chance to witness Konshens live performance and also had the pleasure of interviewing him on what to expect from his new album "Mental Maintenance".  It was a pack house with a few celebrity guests in the building to show their support  Spragga Benz, Erup, Red Fox and Nefatari to list a few.  The event was hosted by the talented Diva Nikki Z one of Jamaica's biggest Media Personnel.  Once the show was on the way Konshens hit the stage and it was pure entertainment. The fans could not get enough that Konshens was called back up on stage three times, which on the third time he said "Nikki Z don't call me back up this is it, I am out the door". During the performance fans scream and sang along to a few of Konshens hits "Winner"  and some of his newer tracks "Bad Gal" and "Do Sumn". Everyone was all in great spirit and had nothing but smile on their face with hands high in the air enjoying every minute of it. Konshes is an independent artiste/producer that has done well for himself by managing his career under his own label "Subkonshus". When ask would he sign to any label if one was interested Konshens said "yes i would love to be signed to a major label". When we look at Konshens we can see a change in his image even though he still has his clean good boy look, he has change his hair to red.  We were curious of why the change and he said "I just felt for a change it does not symbolize anything, just something different" just like his album "Mental Maintenance" which he said is a different side of him that he only produce one song himself on the album. When ask about his favorite track on the album Konshens response was "I am not going to say cause I want the fans to get it and love it with out expecting a specific one to look forward to but the album bad".  Over all the event was a major success, fans were happy including the Media houses lots a vibe and great entertainment. Konshens Album Release Party was put on by "Destine Media". Konshens is on a major promotional tour with few more states to visit within the USA and his next stop is California. 2012


 Artistes that showed up to support I-octane... Flo-Rida, Nefatari, Tony Matterhorn, Karim Hype, Supa Twitch, Popeye, and DJ Snypa

We caught up with Reggae Pop Princess Nefatari who have been very busy these days working on numerous projects and touring the world from Hong Kong, to the Caribbeans and back to States. She made an appearance at Stacious Di Gangstress Birthday Bash in Queens New York before her trip to Florida.  Nefatari trip was mainly to open up for Mavado's Show, however she stated that she stopped by the set of the Music Video Shoot for "Young Wild and Free" by I-Octane, Inner Circle, and Bizerk to show her support! Nefatari said " It was a great vibe on set! Lots of laughs!! Other artists, dancers, and selectors came out as well such as Flo-Rida, Tony Matterhorn, Karim Hype, Supa Twitch, Popeye, and DJ Snypa". When ask what her thoughts were on the single Nefartari said "I like the new song and think it will do well and reach markets outside of Dancehall and Reggae". I know you guys cant wait to see the video neither can I but in the meantime check out this video of how the vibe was on set with few of the artistes.  2012


Stacious Di Gangstress Birthday Bash

Did the Gully side first lady really hot up New York City and was it really her Birthday?

Stacious (Reggae Artiste)

The answer to the question is YES and NO. The beautiful and talented Jamaican songstress touch down in the Big Apple (New York City) on January 13th 2012 to celebrate her Birthday on the following day January 14th. However she isn't really pleased with the weather, even though its not her first visit to the states.  Many of you may know Stacious Di Gangstress from her hit song with the gully gud Mavado titled "Come In My Room" which had dancehall going crazy the first day it was release  and continues to this day.  There was a few Artistes that came out to celebrate with the Gangstress on her big night, Nefatari, Lex Unruly, Zumjay, Brigg Benz, Blu lyon, to name a few.  I had the opportunity to talk with the lady of the hour, when i said "Happy Birthday" Stacious responded "today is not my birthday it was December 28th but with all the New Years party that was going on i thought it was best to celebrate it today with my friends and family here in New York" . When ask if she was enjoying her party? stacious stated "I AM HAVING FUN its just that I am sick and i hate this weather".  she explained that when she step off the plane the cold weather got her sick because she didn't have on the proper jacket but she is enjoying her self.  At the party  few artistes touch the mic and despite being ill the First Lady didn't disappoint she gave an amazing performance to her fans and was sang to by a few.  Stacious trip is stickily promotional and she plans to do a few surprise appearance, being busy as ever, she will be leaving on an early flight to Florida after her party to make an appearance at Mavado Stage Show in Florida January 15th.  The remaining of her one week stay will be in Florida and her next single to look out for is "Dance For You"  Stacious parting words were " I want to let my fans know i have a lot of projects coming out and they should look out for them and i want to thank everyone that came out and support me at my birthday party".  2012

 Lil Kim "Black Friday Mixtape Release Party"


Is the Beef over with Nicki Minaj and Lil Kim, is Kim over it?

Lil Kim (Rapper) Black Friday Mixtape Release Party 

I attended Lil Kim "Black Friday mixtape"  Release party at Webster Hall in Manhattan NYC and i must say it's not what i expected. I was looking to hear a few battling words but the Brooklyn Queen entertained and rock the crowd all night doing what she does best performing all her hits and newest singles. We know the name of the mixtape is about the nicki minaj "Pink Friday" album, the feud that has been going on back and forth between the two female MC but at the party Lil Kim did not mention Nicki Minaj name once. Lil Kim performed to a pack house, her fans went crazy loving each song she performed and rocking along with her. She started out with her song titled off the mixtape "Black Friday"  and ended it with her latest single called "Clap Clap" and believe me when i say she had the crowd claping and screaming. We can see that there is some significance with her release date, to the great NOTORIOUS B.I.G which birthday was the day before, 14th years from his passing. Lil Kim performed her favorite BIGGIE SMALLS song "Warning" and the crowd went crazy singing along with her. Overall it was a very successful mixtape release party and i had the pleasure to see, enjoy and meet the hip hop queen which had a very friendly and warm inviting personality which made the night one that no one will forget including myself. It wasn't about the feud that night it was all about Lil Kim being Lil Kim the true entertainer she is and everyone left the venue happy. 2011

 Olivia (r&b Artiste) "Love & Hip Hop Reality Show"

 Another reality show is coming out are you ready?

OLIVIA (Hip Hop & R&B artiste)

 I had the opportunity to interview Hip hop and R&B artiste Olivia at Moodies Record in the bronx. She let me know  what she will be working on for the new year.  Jamaican born Olivia is known for her hit singles "bizounce", "Candy shop" and  "Wild to Nite"  collaborating with Hip Hop artiste 50 cents and Reggae artiste Shaggy to name a few as well as being the first lady signed to G-UNIT. She went in to few details about why she is no longer apart of G-UNIT saying she did not have a voice or a creative freedom in the direction of her career, to stay true to who she is its best she part ways. Now sign to Universal Motown Olivia is busy as ever with her new reality show on VH1 called "Love & Hip Hop"  sneak peek will be air on March 6, 2011 after Basketball wives on VH1.The regular time slot  after her sneak peek will be Mondays at 10pm starting March 14, 2011. Olivia is set to release her new Free EP titled "Love And Hip Hop", which will include the club anthem “Lick Salt Shot Lime”  and her new single “In Your Shoes” which is a Home School collaboration featuring John Legend’s younger brother Vaughn Anthony. Olivia as a new Web site called www.Oliviaworldwide.com  that her fans can visit to know about her upcoming tours and what she is working on. Olivia plans to continue to give her fans great music and take them on a journey with her New Reality Show "Love & Hip Hop". For booking email bookings@dollazunlimited.com   2011


 Kat Deluna at the BRAVO TV Taping

 Kat Deluna (R&B Artiste) 

In Manhattan NYC there was a Pink Carpet event called "The Bra Book" that was being tape by BRAVO on the Watch What Happens Live segment. The event was a great success, wonderful music friendly people and an amazing performance by R&B Artiste Kat Deluna. The event was filled with sweet yummy treats by OOH LA LA CANDY and cup cakes to die for that melt away in your mouth. The highlight of the night was Kat Deluna performance, it was a big surprise. Everyone was singing and dancing away as Kat Deluna performed. Kat Deluna gave everyone the pleasure of hearing her latest single "Dancing Tonight". During her performance she called me up to dance beside her, i was shock i had to do a double take and point at myself lol and she shake her head YES and i was right there beside her singing and dancing away. For those that may not be familiar with Kat Deluna her song "Whine Up" still rocks the night club hard the collaborated with Reggae Artiste Elephant Man. Kat Deluna have an amazing personality, and is extremely talented and i believe she is going to mark the music industry again with her latest single "Dancing Tonight" the night clubs going to be pumping it hard so keep your ears open. 2011

 Maino Music Video Shoot

 HOT WINGS (Reality TV Star) & MAINO (Hip Hop artiste)

I was on the set of Maino, Jim Jones, Swizz Beats and many other artiste to list a few music video shoot in Manhattan NYC on the WEST side. And the beautiful HOT WINGS was one of the leading ladies in the video. She is a reality TV Star from "Real and Chance of Love" and "I Love money" on VH1. It was a pack house there was barely any room to walk.  Many hot sexy video vixens was in the building everyone hoping to get a chance in front the camera. There was lots of media coverage including 50Cent TV, The Source to list a few. However the weather was bad rainy and cold but like the saying the show must go on the Music Video Shoot was a great success. Over all it was great to see the artistes at work, having the pleasure of having a few laugh with the beautiful HOT WINGS and meeting MAINO up close and personal. 2011

 Stevie Boi Fashion Viewing

 The hottest most important TIME in New York City every year.

 Lola Monroe (Model/Video Vixen and Artiste) and Stevie Boi (Celebrity Designer)

It's New York Fashion week and i had the opportunity to attend STEVIE BOI premiere of his "COExist" Collection. Ill let you know that the ''COExist" collection had some must have pieces. With his trendsetting eye wear and accessories STEVIE BOI creates designs for mega-stars and fashion trendsetters such as Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Eva Marcille Pigford, just to name a few. Being noted in the fashion industry he had a few celebrity appearances at his premiere. The beautiful LOLA MONROE who is a well known Model/Video Vixen and artiste that collaborated with female rapper TRINA. A few designers that came out to show support to list a few ROYAL RUSH and SAMANTHA BLACK. The Premiere of "COExist" was a success beautiful designs, great music and overall warm loving people. STEVIE BOI has been featured in over 300 magazines worldwide so if you would like to know what he is up to just pick up a magazine like VOGUE France, VOGUE Japan and ELLE and he is there. 2011


 Karen Civil "The Big Move"

 Karen Civil "THE BIG MOVE" celebrities apperance Que, Razah, Andra

Karen Civil is a well known celebrity Blogger that interviews some of the biggest names in the industry and is well respected. Karen Civil is a former Hot 97 employee and tonight we celebrated her going away party that took place at Covet Lounge in Manhattan NYC. The gathering was to celebrate her big Move to L.A. it was a delightful event, everyone drank partied and enjoy a sweet treat of cupcakes that was handed out to all the guests and yes it was very delicious i must say. The Lounge was pack with a few celebrity appearances, QUE from P.DIDDY Making The Band, R&B Artiste RAZAH, RICK ROSS signed Female Rapper ANDRA  and many more including few of her HOT 97 ex co-works. The event was a success i had a blase and i know everyone else did. Karen Civil definitely wont forget this night, she had everyone do a photo scrap book that sent her on her way with well wishes. 2011

 Freddy Mcgregor at Linkage Award Show

 "BOB MARLEY" for Jamaica's National Hero" what do you think? 

Freddy Mcgregor (Reggae Artiste) Linkage Award Show  

On March 5th 2011 the 2nd Annual Linkage Award Show took place in Mt. Vernon NYC. It was a star studded event, many artiste made their way down the red carpet and gave amazing performances just to name a few Freddy Mcgregor, I-Octane, D'angel, Lady G, Stephen Di Genus, Kristopher, Chino, Kappa Shanti, Stephen Souza, Devon Jorge, Ed Robinson etc. The event was very entertaining everyone was dress in their best while experiencing history in the making, many were talking about next year show base on how amazing the award show was. Interviews were conducted as the artistes made their way down the red carpet and the legendary Freddy Mcgregor was among my interviews for the night. Freddy Mcgregor stood  out the most for me that night because he spoke about a petition through his organization JARIA/Irie FM and the Bob Marley Foundation to have BOB MARLEY as one of Jamaica's National Hero's. I am 100% behind this petition because Bob Marley is not just a hero for Jamaica but for the world and i strongly encourage everyone to get involve and make history by being apart of this movement. I-Octane who is taking the world by storm, gave a killa performance and having the crowd wanting for more that he had to perform a second time and in one of his performance he called up on stage the founder of the Award Show known to many as Father Linkage. I-Octane took home three awards that night along side Freddy Mcgregor, Chino, Stephen Di Genius, D'angel etc. The First Lady D'angel blaze up the stage and represent for the ladies her latest single "Bus Stop" is hotting up jamaica right now and her upcoming tour is set to be on the way which she plans to give her fans it all first lady style. The Linkage Award Show was a great success so make sure you make it next year and i plan to be there again to take home another award... 2011

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