Born and raised in the gritty streets of Kingston, Jamaican rapper/singjay/songwriter and composer Kamar "Chan Dizzy" Ho-shing is destined to bring his musical ingenuity to the world at large. Armed with a solid and distinct vocal tone, Chan has captured the hearts and ears of music enthusiasts both locally and internationally. Growing up in a household dominated by the arts, he developed a love for music at a very tender age. It was undoubtedly his passion for R & B, Dancehall and Hip Hop genres that motivated him to pursue a career in music. Thus far his talent has taken him into the council of great men and his incredible song writing ability has been recognized by many popular artists and producers, as he is noted as one of the most sought after song writers. He is a very versatile artiste and he accredits this to his eclectic taste in music. Chan's influences in music varies, but if asked he will tell you he is mainly influenced by musical giants such as Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G, Curtis Mayfield and Buju Banton.

Chan Dizzy - Hello Badmind(clean).mp3

 To date he has accomplished some great things; rotation of a few singles on radio stations islanwide, song writing credits, production credits and appearnces at many stage shows locally. Chan dizzy has worked with numerous producers, but with most notably; internationally acclaimed producers such as 77Klash of Klash City records, Matt Shadetek of Team Shadetek, Tarik "Russian" Johnston of Head Concussion Records, Kareem "Smoke Dogg" Goodison of Orange Hill Records, Steven "Di Genius" Mcgregor from the "Big Ship" family and countless others.

Chan Dizzy shot his debut video for the single "Nuh Strange Face" which has been getting heavy rotation on top local television stations and non-stop positive reactions to the single. Great things are ahead for this sharp witted DJ and he is working hard to have his name being written in the musical history book of greats



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