Queue the wedding bells. Dancehall superstar, Mavado has officially tied the knot.

After a few days of rife speculation, it was confirmed on Friday that the Alliance-affiliated singjay consummated his marriage to long-time girlfriend and the mother of his child, Monique McKenzie in Florida earlier this month.

According to media reports, a Clerk of Courts representative from the Broward County 17th Judicial Circuit of Florida confirmed that the official marriage certificate will be mailed to the newlywed couple next month. Additionally, the representative said that Mavado and his wife entered their offices to sort out details of their license. Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks has a son with McKenzie, David Vitton Brooks. Reportedly, the internationally-acclaimed singjay intended to marry McKenzie since last year.

Earlier this week, a copy of the couple's marriage license application emerged on jamaicangroupiemet.com with their names and birthdates clearly outlined. Additionally, a picture of the couple was produced for the public to see. Mavado's marriage bares similarities to that of fellow Alliance singjay, Wayne Marshall, who married longtime girlfriend and fellow singjay, Tami Chynn in a private ceremony three years ago. Details of their marriage emerged shortly after the ceremony took place in September 2009.

It has been reported on several news outlets that Dancehall superstar Mavado recently got married to his longtime companion, Monique McKenzie. However Mavado's manager Julian Griffithswould like to inform the public that it's just a rumor that was started by a certain Gossip website.

According to one of the reports: A supposed copy of their marriage license application can be found on the internet. Though the venue for said venue remains unknown and pictures being leaked from the marriage are unfounded, the website claims that sources close to the couple insisted that they were going to marry. Last year, reports surfaced that Mavado, whose real name is David Constantine Brooks, intended to marry McKenzie at some point.